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Litho Print (Offset Lithography)

Litho printing refers to a traditional print process, where plates are mounted
on a press having been made either direct from a computer or the use of photographic film. Paper is then fed into the press either as single sheets
known as sheet fed, or from a roll known as web fed.

A litho printing plate has non-image areas which attracts water and repels
ink and the image area repels water and attracts printing ink to form the
image. During every cycle of the press the inked image of the plate is first transferred to a rubber surfaced blanket cylinder and the paper is then
pressed onto this by the impression cylinder. This indirect method is the
‘offset’ after which the process is named.

Suitable for:

  » Longer runs (costs can be much lower than digital printing)
» Higher running speeds
» Wide range of paper stocks & finishes
» Spot colours can be used
» Wide range of finishing options
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printers in cambridge
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